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The Young Black Stallion

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Biana Tamimi, The Young Black Stallion | BIANIA G. TAMIMI
Image credit: The Young Black Stallion: David Guer

Details Rated: G; Length: 48 Minutes; Genres: Drama, Kids and Family; With: Richard Romanus and Biana Tamimi; Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures

This IMAX prequel to the 1979 classic (penned by original coscreenwriter Jeanne Rosenberg) takes place in post-World War II Africa, where a young girl stranded in the desert is rescued by a wild horse. Their friendship grows when they return home and the stallion competes in a prestigious horse race in order to help the girl's grandfather regain respect in the community.

Originally posted Aug 11, 2003 Published in issue #724-725 Aug 22, 2003 Order article reprints