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Eminem scratches ''Girls Gone Wild'' video. Producers of the home video peep series say the Slim-hosted installment wasn't up to snuff

Now that Eminem's an Academy Award winner, his appearance hosting an installment of the ''Girls Gone Wild'' home video series may look a little low-rent. According to MTV News, Eminem's lawyers have been working to quash the release of the rapper's ''Girls'' video, which consists of shots of Eminem and exhibitionist concertgoers filmed during his ''Anger Management'' tour last year. A rep from Interscope, the rapper's record label, tells MTV that Slim Shady's footage of flashing fans will never see the light of day. That assertion echoes a statement from Mantra Entertainment, the series' producers, which suggested that Eminem's performance on the video wasn't up to its usual high standards.

Explaining why it's shelving the video, Mantra issued a statement saying, '''Girls Gone Wild' wasn't happy with Eminem's participation and is not happy with the finished product.'' At any rate, Mantra has enough trouble from another rapper-hosted video, Snoop Dogg's ''Girls Gone Wild Doggystyle.'' Two young women who appeared on the tape are suing Mantra and Snoop for allegedly using their images without permission. Like Eminem, Snoop has already dissociated himself from the ''Girls'' series, telling the Associated Press in June that it doesn't give enough, um, exposure to women of color.

Originally posted Aug 20, 2003

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