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Angelina Jolie replaces Kidman as Brad Pitt's wife. In ''Mr. and Mrs. Smith,'' Jolie and Pitt will play husband-and-wife assassins

Angelina Jolie | MARITAL WHOA Jolie will play Pitt's assassin wife
Image credit: Angelina Jolie: Timm Schamberger/AFP/Newscom
MARITAL WHOA Jolie will play Pitt's assassin wife

The Brad Pitt suspense movie ''Mr. and Mrs. Smith'' almost vanished after Nicole Kidman dropped out -- but Angelina Jolie has swooped in to save it. Jolie will take Kidman's abandoned role as Pitt's wife, according to Variety. Pitt ditched the Doug Limon-helmed project himself two weeks ago in the wake of Kidman's departure, but has now returned, according to the trade paper. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Cate Blanchett were also up for the role, but Pitt preferred the erstwhile Lara Croft.

In a twist on ''Prizzi's Honor,'' Pitt and Jolie will play an unhappily married pair of assassins who realize that their latest targets are each other. The film will start production in November, assuming no one drops out.

Originally posted Aug 21, 2003

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