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Brad Garrett still sits out ''Raymond.'' Though producers have offered syndication money to the costars, Garrett continues to hold out for a raise

Brad Garrett | EVERYBODY WAITS FOR BRAD Garrett is still holding out
Image credit: Brad Garrett : Vince Bucci/Getty Images/NewsCom
EVERYBODY WAITS FOR BRAD Garrett is still holding out

Brad Garrett is still not feeling the love from the ''Everybody Loves Raymond'' producers. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the producers (star Ray Romano, creator Phil Rosenthal, David Letterman's Worldwide Pants company, and HBO) decided Monday to offer Garrett and the other three supporting actors a piece of the syndication profits from the show. But while Patricia Heaton, Doris Roberts, and Peter Boyle accepted the offer, Garrett did not. Still seeking a raise from his $165,000-per-episode salary (about a tenth what Romano, the highest-paid performer in TV, earns), Garrett continued to stay home, missing production for a second week.

In addition to the half a percentage point offered to each of the costars (worth a potential $5 to $7 million over the next few years), CBS offered Garrett a raise to $250,000, according to the Reporter. Garrett, who plays Ray's policeman brother Robert, has reportedly been given only a handful of scenes in the currently filming second episode of the season, in case he shows up later this week to shoot -- or in case he needs to be written out of the episode, just as he was written out of the first episode.

Originally posted Aug 26, 2003

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