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The Olsen Twins' 'Two of a Kind'

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Why we shamelessly love the Olsen twins' ''Two of a Kind''

I'm prepared to live with not being able to tell the Olsen twins apart. But what I absolutely have to know is: What happened between their ''Two of a Kind'' father Kevin (Christopher Sieber) and live-in babysitter Carrie (Sally Wheeler)? In 1999, a season of intense TV-G chemistry culminated in a passionate airport kiss -- right before Carrie hopped a plane to Brazil. ''See you in September,'' she teased. But then the show got canceled. Four years and far too many ABC Family reruns later, I was still waiting for closure. Until now. ''Okay, it wasn't written in stone,'' says cocreator Bob Griffard, ''but we were talking about Carrie coming back with a boyfriend.'' What!?! ''We would have kept them apart as long as we could. That's what's fun.'' Nooo! ''But they still would have gotten together [in the end].'' Thank you!
Originally posted Aug 28, 2003

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