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What happened to Jennifer Garner's movie spin-off? ''Elektra'' is set to shoot next spring

Jennifer Garner, Elektra | 'ELEKTRA' COMPANY Garner
Image credit: Elektra: Zade Rosenthal

''She looks pretty dead to me,'' says Marvel Studios exec VP Kevin Feige of Jennifer Garner's killer alter ego who, in ''Daredevil,'' seemed headed for some ass kicking in the sky. ''But there's going to be a movie.'' Namely, the spin-off ''Elektra,'' set to shoot next spring. (Garner's costars and director have yet to be chosen.) While plot reports vary -- potential characters include secret agent Nick Fury and criminal cabal the Hand -- Feige guardedly says the comics-inspired script finds Elektra ''forced to reconfront a past she'd hoped to leave behind.'' Garner, who hones her skills on TV's ''Alias,'' is ready for action. ''It'll be amazing to spend a year training,'' says the star. ''I'm hungry for a good fight.''

Additional reporting by Nancy Miller

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