The Know-Spin Zone

Author -- ''Saturday Night Live'' veteran and liberal humorist targeted by Fox News for invoking its slogan in his subtitle. Style -- Jokily debunks ''right-wing lies.'' (His researchers report. He derides.) Goal -- To force ''O'Reilly and resort to Plan B: name-calling. Which, I think, will expose them for what they are. Stupid bastards.'' Times Franken quotes O'Reilly -- 27 Franken on O'Reilly -- In the chapter ''Bill O'Reilly: Lying, Splotchy Bully,'' he writes: ''I think Bill O'Reilly unquestionably has talent. And not just a talent for lying.''

Author -- The Fox News talking head and bellowing populist who sniped at Franken at a May publishing convention while promoting this book. Style -- Intersperses self-help (''The 'looking out for yourself' philosophy makes you a more effective person, better able to help others and contribute to this world'') with rehashes of skirmishes on the cable-news battlefield. Goal -- To give readers an ''edge in both the workplace and at home.'' Times O'Reilly quotes himself -- 13 O'Reilly on Franken -- No mentions, but he cites lyrics from onetime SNL musical guests Hall and Oates.

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