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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Listen 2 This 09.2003 From Tunes to Tech -- The Stuff Sure to Put More Pop! in Your Culture BONUS MUSIC SECTION

PLUS We Got GAMES... 'Madden NFL 2004' 'Star Wars' 'The Simpsons'

COMICS... 'JLA/Avengers' 'Frank Miller's RoboCop' 'Blankets' 'From Hell'

& GADGETS... The Littlest MP3 Player Music Video To Go!





SINEAD O'CONNOR's ''Nothing Compares 2 U'' (Prince) SANTANA's ''Black Magic Woman'' (Fleetwood Mac) QUIET RIOT's ''Cum On Feel the Noize'' (Slade) LIMP BIZKIT's ''Faith'' (George Michael) JOAN JETT's ''I Love Rock 'N Roll'' (The Arrows) THE BLACK CROWES' ''Hard to Handle'' (Otis Redding) TIFFANY's ''I Think We're Alone Now'' (Tommy James)

CORSO IS STILL HAUNTED BY ACCIDENT-RELATED DREAMS. We asked Tony Crisp, author of Dream Dictionary, to explain.

CORSO: ''I dream that I wake up in my bunk facing the wrong direction, headfirst instead of feet first.''

CRISP: ''He's feeling if you're the right way around, if you go about life correctly, you're going to get through this.''

CORSO: ''The other dream is that I wake up in my bunk, I throw open my curtain, and there's a wall. I'm trapped.''

CRISP: ''He can't escape. There was possibly a period on the bus where he felt that panic.... There's probably some anxiety about going on tour again.''

ALIENS, ANTS & FARMS How do AAF measure up to others of their kind?

ALIEN ANT FARM ANThology On tracks like ''Movies'' and ''Attitude,'' AAF infuse metal with pop hooks and surprising musical dexterity. B+

ALIEN SEX FIEND Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain? The punk-Goth outfit's 1983 debut laid the groundwork for Marilyn Manson. B

ADAM ANT Friend or Foe The pirate-shirted pop star abandons his punk band, Adam and the Ants, for a ''Goody Two Shoes'' solo career. C

GEORGE ORWELL Animal Farm Solid lyrical imagery, but totally unlistenable, with no hint of melody, harmony

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