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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Life is a lot more fun with a lightsaber. This becomes very evident after enduring the first 10 hours without one in this addictive space opera that takes place a long, long, long time ago (4,000 years before the ''Star Wars'' movies) in a galaxy far, far away. It should be said that ''KOTOR'' is a bit of a snooze until your Jedi finds his mojo, er, Force. Still, with its various story lines -- some engrossing (saving the universe from Uber-villain Darth Malek), some less so (Wookiee grooming habits) -- it's easy to forgive the deliberate pace and subpar graphics that represent the game's dark side.

Originally posted Sep 05, 2003 Published in issue #726 Sep 05, 2003 Order article reprints

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