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A comic by a Pulitzer winner? Take a peek. Michael Chabon unveils the tale of the Escapist -- the superhero created by his own characters in ''Kavalier & Clay''

The Amazing Adventures of The Escapist
Image credit: ©Michael Chabon. The Escapist and The Likeness of The Escapist are Trademarks of Michael Chabon

There's life after the Pulitzer Prize -- in comic books. In December, Michael Chabon debuts an 80-page tale of the Escapist, the superhero created by the titular comics wunderkinder of Chabon's 2000 novel ''The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.'' It gets more meta. The quarterly (written in part by Chabon and drawn by such pedigreed artists as ''Elektra'''s Bill Sienkiewicz) comes complete with a ''history,'' from the Escapist's first appearance in 1939 to the present: ''There's a point in the '60s where the character is in dispute,'' says Chabon, ''and ends up in the hands of a company that produces hair-care products for an African-American market.''

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