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Alicia Keys

THE NEW ALBUM (In stores Dec. 2)

Alicia Keys
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The scoop on Alicia Keys' sophomore album

HER STORY The piano-playing R&B prodigy saw immediate success with her 2001 debut, ''Songs in A Minor.'' It sold 4.5 million copies and scored the Clive Davis protégée five Grammys, including Best New Artist and Song of the Year for the lush ballad ''Fallin'.''

HER STATUS The 22-year-old's sophomore album will include the hard-edged hip-hop track ''Streets of N.Y.,'' with guest rappers Rakim and Nas. Other tracks, however, will follow the example of ''Songs in A Minor,'' highlighting Keys' piano playing and sultry vocal style.

SHE SAYS ''I don't worry about topping anything [I've done before]. It's gonna come natural. If I start TRYING to do things, it'll be all f---ed up, you know?''

VERDICT As long as Keys remembers that her strength is R&B, not hip-hop, she won't be fallin' off the charts anytime soon.

Originally posted Sep 05, 2003

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