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The Amazing Race 4


The Amazing Race
Image credit: The Amazing Race 4: Tony Esparza

See if ''The Amazing Race 4'' is a winner or a loser

VIEWERS 8.4 million

WHAT HAPPENED Twelve teams of two raced around the world with nothing but the packs on their backs and a Chip on their shoulders.

WHY WE'RE SPLIT ''Race'' allowed its contestants to actually do something -- things most of us can only dream about. Like rappelling down a skyscraper. And swimming with sharks. And digging through piles of manure. (Well, two out of three at least.) Still, neither an Emmy nod nor hunky gay winners Chip and Reichen could pull in armchair travelers.

LASTING CONTRIBUTION TO THE GENRE The only reality show that can use the term ''journey'' without sounding ridiculous.

Originally posted Sep 16, 2003

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