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Details about Wes Anderson's follow-up to ''Tenenbaums.'' The underwater story, ''The Life Aquatic'' starring Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum

Owen Wilson | 'ROYAL' SOCIETY Owen Wilson and Anderson have a sit-down
Image credit: Wilson and Anderson: James Hamilton
'ROYAL' SOCIETY Owen Wilson and Anderson have a sit-down

For Wes Anderson's underwater follow-up to ''The Royal Tenenbaums,'' ''we bought a boat in South Africa that they're sending up here on an 8,000-mile trip around the Cape of Good Hope, through Gibraltar, and up to Rome,'' explains producer Barry Mendel. The craft in question will be piloted by Cousteau-like captain Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) as he and his international crew (including Willem Dafoe and Anjelica Huston) face off against a rival explorer (Jeff Goldblum) -- whose boat, incidentally, is on loan from NATO. ''It's the world's most sophisticated oceanographic vessel,'' says Mendel. Which should be perfect for finding those fictional fish Anderson and stop-motion animator Henry Selick created.

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