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Rising 'Son'

Julia Roberts may fight autism in her next movie. She's producing and may star in the drama about two women probing the mysterious ailment

She fought industrial poisoning in ''Erin Brockovich,'' and now, Julia Roberts may fight an even more intractable ailment in ''Strange Son.'' Variety reports that Revolution Studios has purchased the rights to Portia Iverson's unpublished book, with an eye toward Roberts producing and possibly starring in the film version. In Iverson's novel, to be published by Riverhead Books, two women, one from Los Angeles and one from India, defy accepted medical wisdom as they manage to pierce the mental fog of autism. The film would be Roberts' third picture for the Sony-affiliated Revolution in three years; she starred in ''America's Sweethearts'' (directed by Revolution chief Joe Roth) in 2001, and stars in the studio's ''Mona Lisa Smile,'' due in December.

Originally posted Sep 26, 2003

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