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Two Reasons to Turn the Radio On

Trouble; Are You Ready For Love

Elton John ''Are You Ready for Love'' Recorded in 1977, this pairing of pre-hair-plug Elton with Spinners producer Thom Bell became an overdue U.K. hit this year when it was reissued on Fatboy Slim's label. With any luck, it'll catch on Stateside: Between John's emotive plea and Bell's velvety groove, it's symphonic-pop heaven.

Pink ''Trouble'' So now she's a faux mosher, complete with the amped-up guitars and production of Rancid's Tim Armstrong and further assertions of her bad-girl image. Calculated as it all may sound (and as squishy as the poppy bridge is), this kernel of corporate punk still kicks harder than anything else on the airwaves right now.

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