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Two Reasons to Turn It Off

Hole in the World; Fallen

Sarah McLachlan ''Fallen'' She's back, and she's bummed. High-school-diary sentiments (''I have sunk so low/I've messed up'') combine with predictably tasteful, antiseptic production to announce a new genre -- music for those who get depressed during massages. After a six-year layoff, shouldn't she be more jazzed for a return?

Eagles ''Hole in the World'' In addressing global disharmony, you'd think the original Cali crew would summon up their old spitefulness. Instead, we get a limping gait and cliches (''Until we learn to love one another/We will never reach the promised land'') as banal as the old-boy-band chorus. They were always better when they were pissed off.

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