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Norah Jones and Ravi Shankar angered by film script -- The Grammy-winning singer and her sitar-legend father are bristling at a Bollywood movie that closely echoes elements of their lives

No one can accuse Norah Jones of nepotism. The Texas-raised singer made her first album, the smash hit ''Come Away With Me,'' without any help from her father, Indian sitar master Ravi Shankar. In fact, Jones went out of her way NOT to lay claim to famous parentage. Which may explain why the singer is now criticizing a new Bollywood movie planned by Indian actor-director Dev Anand, according to the Associated Press.

Jones calls the film, titled ''Song of Life,'' ''very exploitative.'' And Shankar's wife (and mother of Jones' half sister Anoushka), Sukanya Shankar, tells AP, ''Nobody knows the inside story about our family except for us, really. It's nobody's business and intrudes on our privacy.''

Anand says he doesn't need permission from Shankar or Jones to make the film, in which a legendary sitar player reunites with his Grammy-winning, jazz-singing daughter. ''I'm only flattering them by doing the story,'' Anand told AP.

Originally posted Oct 06, 2003

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