Shining Through Jennifer Weiner, author of "In Her Shoes" and "Good in Bed," recommends Susan Isaacs' 1988 novel, "Shining Through." "Shining Through" was made into a very… Fiction HarperTorch

Shining Through (1988)

Details Writer: Susan Isaacs; Genre: Fiction; Publisher: HarperTorch

Jennifer Weiner, author of ''In Her Shoes'' and ''Good in Bed,'' recommends Susan Isaacs' 1988 novel, ''Shining Through.''

''Shining Through'' was made into a very bad movie. (Who, for the love of God, decided that Melanie Griffith could play a Jew?) Ignore that, and meet Linda Voss, the sharp-tongued cynic with a heart of toffee, an alcoholic mother, and a killer crush on her married boss (while, of course, Mr. Right is right under her nose). The story of how she manages to sort out her love life -- and save the world from the Nazis in the process -- is a thrilling tale that entertains and empowers at the same time.

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