Dude, Here's My Book

In ''Dude, Where's My Car?,'' stunt-loving punk Ashton Kutcher aims to recover a car he lost the night before while highly intoxicated. Along the way, he and his fellow stoner pal (Seann William Scott) discover they've acquired cool new tattoos, encounter sexy-sexy sluts from another planet, and touch Christie Boner's hoo-hoo. ALZHEIMER'S MOMENT ''Is it possible that we got so wasted last night we bought a lifetime supply of pudding and don't remember?'' CRYPTIC WISDOM ''Is it red? Then it isn't a barn!''

In ''Dude, Where's My Country?,'' stunt-loving punk Michael Moore aims to recover a country he claims was lost to right-wingers while Americans were highly in-Fox-icated. Along the way, he learns the U.S. has acquired cool new debt, encounters sexy-sexy pundits, and touches on how he thinks George W. Bush landed us in deep doo-doo. ALZHEIMER'S MOMENT ''I, for one, will not forget Enron, and neither should you.'' CRYPTIC WISDOM ''We took a piss on [France], biting into the whopper while freedom fried.''

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