The 5-Year Plan

Bobby Cannavale

WHY HIM He's handsome, sensitive, gregarious...

WHY NOW ... especially in The Station Agent. And he'll hoof it in J. Lo's Shall We Dance?

Bobby Cannavale has played his share of upstanding citizens -- a paramedic on Third Watch, a prosecutor on 100 Centre Street -- but off screen, the 33-year-old New Jersey native's record isn't so squeaky-clean. ''I got fired from my last j-o-b as a bartender on Halloween 1997,'' recalls Cannavale, who appears as a blabby hot dog vendor in the indie fave The Station Agent. ''I thought I would make a lot of money, but it didn't happen. So I stole some.'' About to jet to Budapest for a big film role, Cannavale (in deep you-know-what with his boss) agreed to use his salary to pay the debt instead of being carted off to jail. ''I was a real criminal as a kid,'' he admits. ''This was an eye-opener.'' In five years, he hopes to have a similar breakthrough in Pamplona. ''I've always wanted to write a play and I've never been able to write a damn thing,'' he says. ''I have a feeling that running with the bulls will trigger something.'' Here's hoping it's a creative stampede.

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