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'Kill' or Be Killed

''Kill Bill'' left its box office competition for dead. Dave Karger says Quentin Tarantino's kung-fu flick took the top spot

Daryl Hannah, Kill Bill -- Vol. 1 | FIRST AID Daryl Hannah (with the help of Thurman) killed at the box office
FIRST AID Daryl Hannah (with the help of Thurman) killed at the box office

Get ready for the puns: "Kill Bill -- Vol. 1" slayed its rivals at the box office this weekend, premiering with $22.7 million, according to studio estimates.

Action fans came out in full force for the Quentin Tarantino samurai flick, starring Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu. Its R rating kept some younger fans out of the theaters, but 'Bill'''s take is right in line with two other recent R-rated hits released in October: last year's "Jackass: The Movie," which opened with $22.8 million, and 2001's "Training Day," which premiered with $22.6 million.

Last week's top film, "The School of Rock," added over 300 theaters, resulting in a tiny 22 percent drop to $15.4 million in its second weekend. The Jack Black comedy has grossed $39.6 million after 10 days. That also put it ahead of two other new releases. The George Clooney/Catherine Zeta-Jones comedy "Intolerable Cruelty" debuted with $13.1 million (after three days, it's already almost outgrossed Clooney's last two films, "Solaris" and "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"), while the family comedy "Good Boy!" featuring the voice of Matthew Broderick was close behind with $13 million.

Denzel Washington's thriller "Out of Time" dropped 47 percent to $8.6 million, keeping the final new release, the horror thriller "The House of the Dead," out of the top five. Instead, "Dead" could only scare up $5.5 million, placing sixth. In other words, nothing to scream about.

Originally posted Oct 10, 2003

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