Endless Summer

Hugo Weaving, Keanu Reeves, ...

The Matrix Reloaded


WHAT'D IT MAKE? $280 million

COOL SPECIAL FEATURES Despite their saga's humorlessness, the Wachowskis were smart enough to include the brilliant ''Matrix'' parody (with Will Ferrell as the Architect, claiming ''I have no idea what I just said'') from the 2003 MTV Movie Awards. Plus, there's an in-depth look into the creation of the movie's freeway chase -- the part of the movie even detractors enjoyed.

WORTH WATCHING AGAIN (AND AGAIN)? Yes, even for those whose faith in the trilogy was tested by lousy dialogue and overblown action scenes. The original ''Matrix'' was the ultimate DVD movie, and with its endless mysteries (Why can Neo use his powers in the real world? Who is the Merovingian? What happened to Tank?), the oft-criticized sequel is home-theater-worthy as well.

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