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Finding Nemo
Image credit: Finding Nemo: © PIXAR/Disney

Finding Nemo


WHAT'D IT MAKE? $334 million

COOL SPECIAL FEATURES ''Making Nemo'' shows how Pixar's computer-animation masterminds turned bits and bytes into sea life. And Jacques Cousteau's son, diver Jean-Michel Cousteau, stars in a new, just-for-the-DVD short film about Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the film's setting (we'd call it a documentary, except that the movie's animated characters pop up along the way).

WORTH WATCHING AGAIN (AND AGAIN)? Sure. The broad comedy of scenes (like the one in which Albert Brooks' neurotic clownfish and Ellen DeGeneres' daffy, amnesia-prone blue tang attempt to ''speak whale'') are hilarious enough to merit repeat viewings. But it's the fantastically detailed underwater animation -- with every frond and anemone aglow -- and subtle gags, like the Boston-accented lobsters, that'll keep us journeying under the sea.

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