Endless Summer

X2: X-Men United

X2: X-Men United


WHAT'D IT MAKE? $215 million

COOL SPECIAL FEATURES Eleven deleted scenes, among them an extended (and even more visceral) version of the claw-tastic final clash between Kelly Hu's Deathstrike and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. The behind-the-scenes featurettes include a look at Nightcrawler's BAMF-ing, but unfortunately, they don't give an insight into director Bryan Singer's infamous on-set clash with Halle Berry.

WORTH WATCHING AGAIN (AND AGAIN)? Yup. Hardcore X-fans will no doubt be pressing play just to catch the obscure references to the comic books (check out the names of the file folders on Deathstrike's computer). And newcomers will probably want to get several chances to figure out who all those mutants are supposed to be -- and what the enigmatic last scene means.

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