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I'm Reel

J. Lo will release all her videos on DVD. ''The Reel Me,'' out Nov. 18, contains her 17 clips, plus an EP of remixes

Jennifer Lopez | ME ON 'ME' J. Lo gets ''Reel'' in her interviews with Sway
ME ON 'ME' J. Lo gets ''Reel'' in her interviews with Sway

Just in time to remind us that she has a day job besides planning abortive weddings and helping Ben Affleck get gun permits, Jennifer Lopez is planning a DVD release that will compile all her music videos on one disc, Billboard reports. Called ''The Reel Me,'' the Nov. 18 release contains all 17 of her music clips, along with commentary by J. Lo, via interviews with MTV's Sway, about the making of each video. The package also contains an EP of six tracks, all remixed songs, including two versions of her latest single, ''Baby I Love U,'' one produced by R. Kelly. Hey, just so long as she didn't let him shoot the video.

Originally posted Oct 13, 2003

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