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Halle Berry


Image credit: Halle Berry Illustration by Jody Hewgill

Halle Berry made EW's Power List

Age 37

She's the second Bond girl to win an Oscar, but she's the first to land a 007 spin-off (the in-development ''Jinx''). In fact, Berry collects franchises the way other action stars collect Hummers. Along with ''Jinx'' and the ''X-Men'' series, she'll add the much-anticipated ''Catwoman'' to her résumé next year. She's also found time for projects like this fall's ghostly ''Gothika''; Chris Wedge's ''Ice Age'' follow-up, ''Robots''; an Oprah-approved ABC adaptation of Zora Neale Hurston's ''Their Eyes Were Watching God''; and the heavy drama ''October Squall.'' Apparently, the words ''sleep'' and ''vacation'' are not part of her vocabulary.

Originally posted Oct 14, 2003

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