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Dixie Chicks


Dixie Chicks
Image credit: Dixie Chicks: James White/Corbis Outline

The Dixie Chicks made EW's Power List

Ages 29–34

Talk about pluck. While some of their red-state fan base dispersed, the Chicks refused to disavow their antiwar, anti-Prez stance -- becoming a cause célèbre among everyone from Springsteen to Michael Moore (rumored to be interested in a Chicks doc) to John McCain (who ripped their radio boycotters a new one in Senate hearings). ''Home'' scanned 5.6 million; their tour grossed $61 mil (though most of it was collected pre-controversy). A November live CD/DVD will tell if they've attracted enough new admirers to replace the turncoats.

Originally posted Oct 14, 2003

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