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Richard Linklater

''School of Rock'' opened at No. 1. But don't ask the 43-year-old pride of Austin, who made the indie faves ''Slacker'' and ''Dazed and Confused,'' to parse grosses. ''The horse race, leave me out of it,'' says Linklater, whose to-do list remains quirky. In September, he wrapped a sequel to his 1995 romantic duologue, ''Before Sunrise,'' reuniting Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. ''It's probably more of an art film than the first one,'' says Linklater. He has also shot the first segment of a drama that will follow a kid from first grade to 12th (to be filmed over 12 years), and wants to adapt Philip K. Dick's paranoid drug fantasia ''A Scanner Darkly.'' ''The best thing in Hollywood,'' he explains, ''is to be on that list where people don't get fired for letting you make a film.'' -- Steve Daly

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