The Night Heron (2003)


Details Opening Date: Oct 07, 2003; Lead Performances: Chris Bauer and Clark Gregg; Writer: Jez Butterworth

In a remote cabin outside Cambridge, England, two lost souls (Chris Bauer and Clark Gregg) are just scraping by after getting sacked as gardeners at the university. Why they were sacked -- and much else in the way of basic exposition -- is left a mystery for much of Jez Butterworth's new play. For a while, puzzling out the backstory can be fun -- particularly with the arrival of a blunt-talking, poetry-spouting ex-con boarder (a scene-stealing Mary McCann), who introduces comic relief and genuine menace. But ultimately, we spend so much time piecing together the Rubik's-like plot that we forget to care about (or believe) the characters. (

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