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1 24 The season premiere. Does daylight saving time mean we gain an extra episode?

2 A MINUTE WITH STAN HOOPER A writer moves to a small town to find ''real'' Americans and discovers they're just like city folk. Except they wear fewer trucker hats.

3 HUGH JACKMAN The X-Man turns into the flamboyant Peter Allen on Broadway in The Boy From Oz. His superpower is killer maraca-shaking.

4 TRU CALLING A Fox series about a woman who can change the future. If it never gets canceled we'll know she really can.

5 WOODY ALLEN The director wanted millions to write his autobiography. From his days on the playground to his days on the playground.

6 VAL KILMER He plays '70s cokehead, con man, and promiscuous low-life porn star John Holmes in Wonderland. Maybe Mom and Dad want to come with us?

7 L.A. FILM CRITICS' ASSOCIATION They say they'll cancel their awards unless they start getting free DVDs from the movie studios again. They had awards?

8 PENTHOUSE The skin magazine is up for sale after years of declining revenues. Between HBO and the Internet, who needs to buy porn anymore?

9 SCARY MOVIE 3 The third installment of this horror-movie spoof. Like Freddy and Jason, no matter how bad it gets, it cannot be killed.

10 ELTON JOHN He's inked a three-year, multimillion-dollar deal to play 75 shows at Caesars Palace. Wayne Newton sent him a white tiger as a ''Welcome to Vegas'' gift.

Jessica Simpson attends Chicken of the Sea staff meeting ...


Jessica Simpson attends Chicken of the Sea staff meeting ... Cate Blanchett headlines Hedda Gabler in Sydney in July '04

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