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Director Spike Jonze has helmed award-winning head trips like ''Being John Malkovich'' and ''Adaptation.'' But while filming a video for former Pharcyde MC Fatlip in 1999, Jonze's own mind was blown when the hip-hop has-been spoke candidly about once having had oral sex with a transvestite. Jonze captured the confession on a 31-minute documentary for his ''Directors Label'' DVD. He tells EW: ''The whole idea for that video was 'I'll come over every morning, and we'll figure out what we're going to do that day.' So for a week I'd go to his house with my video camera and we'd talk. It was intense. I could not believe how open and introspective he was about his life -- to be able to be so honest about that kind of thing happening to you. It came out of me being a fan and thinking, 'I should just keep the camera rolling.''' -- ND

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