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I Want To Talk About You (1990)


Details Lead Performance: David Murray; Genre: Jazz

The belated release of this 1986 quartet session documents the cunning interaction between Murray -- the premier young tenor saxophonist of the past decade -- and pianist John Hicks in a typical late-'80s nightclub set (recorded live in Boston). The program touches on styles that figure in Murray's emphatically personal vision, beginning with Hicks' ''Heart to Heart,'' a ballad that sounds as if it might have been written by a seasoned resident of Tin Pan Alley. The title song is generally identified with John Coltrane, who learned it from Billy Eckstine, but Murray freshens it in a leisurely, inventive reading. For balance, ''Red Car'' is a flat-out rocker in the ''Night Train'' mold -- Murray switches to bass clarinet to provide a spartan vamp for his knotty variations -- and ''Morning Song'' is soul-jazz with a gospel pedigree.

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