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Nemo Rock

''Finding Nemo'' swims to video sales record. Fans snapped up 8 million DVD and VHS copies of the fish tale on Tuesday

GETTING ALONG SWIMMINGLY ''Nemo'''s scaredy cats beat some fearsome competition
Image credit: Finding Nemo: PIXAR/Disney
GETTING ALONG SWIMMINGLY ''Nemo'''s scaredy cats beat some fearsome competition

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For a tiny clown fish, Nemo sure has defeated some serious competition. After beating ''The Matrix Reloaded'' at the box office this summer, ''Finding Nemo'' has now shattered ''Spider-Man'''s record for first-day video sales, selling 8 million VHS and DVD copies on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press. '"Spider-Man'' sold 7 million copies in its first day last year.

Demand for ''Finding Nemo'' on video is vastly outstripping predictions, Buena Vista Home Entertainment head Bob Chapek told AP. Despite shipping 25 million copies of the film to retailers, Disney is still hearing reports of shortages, Chapek told the wire service. In other words, finding ''Nemo'' may still be a challenge.

Originally posted Nov 05, 2003

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