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Straight Shooters

Bravo flips for ''Straight Eye for the Queer Guy.'' Turnabout is fair play in the upcoming makeover special

Bravo's ''Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'' is a hit, but would anyone watch if it were the other way around? According to Variety, the cable channel will find out some time next year when it airs a one-off special called ''Straight Eye for the Queer Guy,'' in which five straight guys will makeover a gay man -- perhaps one who's too stylish.

No word yet on an airdate or casting for the special (will ''Queer Eye'''s Fab Five take part?), but possible straight-style instructions may include ''power tools 101, NFL basics, decorating your garage, two-minute hair, and sports event etiquette,'' Variety reports.

''Straight Eye'' is one of at least two planned specials from the makers of ''Queer Eye.'' The first is a holiday special that airs Dec. 16, where the ''Queer Eye'' quintet will pay a visit to some of their old makeover beneficiaries and see if they're still stylin'. New episodes of ''Queer Eye'' begin airing Nov. 18.

Originally posted Nov 10, 2003