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''Frasier'' may return for one more season. Kelsey Grammer says that he's up for a 12th season if asked

Frasier | THE DOCTOR IS STILL IN? Grammer says he'd return if asked
Image credit: Kelsey Grammer: NBC
THE DOCTOR IS STILL IN? Grammer says he'd return if asked

''Friends'' will soon be gone for good, but NBC's other comedy mainstay may stick around. ''Frasier'' was supposed to end this year, but speculation is increasing that a 12th season could be in the works, according to Variety. In talk-show appearances, star Kelsey Grammer has been saying that he's willing to play Dr. Crane again. ''If someone called and said, 'We really want you back for another year,' I'd probably figure out some way to make that happen,'' Grammer told Craig Kilborn, according to Variety. ''But that call hasn't come.''

But it could, NBC Entertainment president Jeff Zucker told the trade paper: ''The door is still ajar, and you know what happened the last time I left the door ajar.'' Zucker was referring to ''Friends,'' which was supposed to have had its final season last year. ''Frasier'''s ratings are holding steady, and NBC's attempts to launch new sitcoms like ''Coupling'' have failed. So the network is probably hoping that if they call with an offer, the man who plays Dr. Crane will respond, ''I'm listening.''

Originally posted Nov 14, 2003

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