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Mary-Kate and Ashley are looking for a new generation of stars.

Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen | WONDER TWINS Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seek new talent
Image credit: Olsen Twins: NIcolas Khayat/Abaca Press/Newscom
WONDER TWINS Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seek new talent

Olsen Twins power, activate! Not content with a budding feature-film career and a billion-dollar fashion line, 17-year-olds Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are launching a career as talent scouts and producers, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The pair will soon launch a talent search for a group of teen stars to appear in a new series of straight-to-video movies, the trade paper reported. The twins themselves have quit starring in such films, seeking to establish themselves in theatrical releases such as May 7's ''New York Minute.''

''We'll continue in the rich tradition of other broad-based production companies by developing and producing not only feature films we star in, but also television series, video programs and feature films starring others,'' the twins said in a statement released to the Reporter. They've already scored a deal to executive-produce an ABC Family movie called ''Carly Shows It All.'' Casting has not been announced, but Paris Hilton should be a shoo-in for the title role.

Originally posted Nov 14, 2003

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