(All consoles; Ubisoft; Mature)

The impact of comic-book-panel graphics can be seen everywhere: in movies like ''The Hulk'' and ''Kill Bill,'' and now in this first-person shooter. After the President is assassinated, players awake in the tattooed body of Agent XIII, who apparently has some murky involvement in a quasi-governmental conspiracy. The hero is voiced by former ''X-Files'' star David Duchovny, whose deadpan delivery is mostly forgettable. More impressive are the cel-shaded graphics, which give some much-needed flavor to the old bag of tricks found in every first-person shooter: hostage-taking scenarios, grapple-swinging heroics, and bullet-spewing slaughter. By the end of the game's last chapter, ''XIII'' takes the genre further than expected but, alas, not quite far enough.

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