Stage Review

The Caretaker (2003)


Details Opening Date: Oct 24, 2003; Lead Performance: Patrick Stewart; Director: David Jones (Director)

As a scraggly geezer-tramp, Patrick Stewart's got it all down: the hunched back, the bowlegged gait, the perforated voice that screams for a nice cup of tea. And while Kyle MacLachlan makes a fine Broadway debut as the subdued nobody who takes him in, the real treat in this revival of Harold Pinter's 1959 play is Aidan Gillen (from the U.K.'s ''Queer as Folk''), channeling Sid Vicious as MacLachlan's aimless punk brother. With typical bouts of silence, Pinter pinpoints the sheer defeat endured by many a mid-20th-century Englishman. At the same time, his characters are so beaten down (they rarely stray from mundane talk about shoes and furniture and renovations to their junk-filled flat) that they never fully summon the ire to beat each other up verbally. Too bad, since that's where the fun usually begins. (212-719-1300)

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