Newton's/Laws (of) Emotion

It's this sort of a story that makes any questioning of Wayne's intentions seem churlish and petty. Surely it doesn't matter that Wayne did the same show he always does, or that he told a little white lie about the songs he always does being special for this couple. Surely it doesn't matter that Wayne made a point of having his publicist tell me this story. Surely the only thing that matters is that thanks to Wayne, a dying man had the happiest day of his life.

Of course this story might just be another little white lie. But would it matter if it were? Don't you want it to be true? And that may be the one big fact about audiences that's key to Wayne's act: More than we want the truth, more than we want a singer in great voice, we want to feel we've witnessed something extraordinary. We want to feel we came on the right night. We want to believe we're seeing a big star (over 50 top 20 songs!) knocking himself out for us and performing great acts of human kindness. We want to feel special. Which is exactly what Wayne wants as well. All Wayne Newton wants is for all of us, each of us, every last one of us, to feel special.

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