Now, That's Good Eatin'!

For your post-feast entertainment, we suggest trading football for a film festival on -- what else? -- food. After all, the dialogue's wittier, and hey, these calories don't count.

BIG NIGHT (1996) Brotherly bonding over Bolognese. To save their failing restaurant, Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub prepare a banquet for famous anticipated guest Louis Prima.

BABETTE'S FEAST (1987, subtitled) A lottery ticket to culinary paradise. In this Danish treat, a French servant spends her winnings creating a zillion-course meal for her elderly employers.

TAMPOPO (1987, subtitled) An elusive search for the perfect noodle. A Japanese truck driver helps a widow get her ramen right.

LA GRANDE BOUFFE (1973, subtitled) Gluttonous Gauls. Four ennui-filled Frenchmen purposely gorge themselves to death on food and drink.

A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING (1973, animated) Presenting the four food groups: jelly beans, popcorn, toast, and pretzels. When Peppermint Patty and the gang invite themselves over and Snoopy cooks, you get the ultimate ''Peanuts'' holiday.

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