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King of the Hill

Sundays, 7:30 p.m., Fox

King of the Hill | THE HILLS
Image credit: King Of The Hill: 2001 Fox Broadcasting

Why you should be watching ''King of the Hill''

WHAT IT IS Propane salesman Hank Hill does his best to understand his quirky family while living not so large in Texas.
WHY IT'S GREAT This gently skewed series digs up plenty of wry family humor, but without the tired sarcasm.
WHY YOU'RE NOT WATCHING Who wants to miss the last half hour of ''60 Minutes''?
WHY YOU SHOULD Smarter than it looks, ''King'' may be the one TV show that addresses middle American mores without poking fun or getting preachy. And, oh yeah, it's actually funny.

Originally posted Nov 21, 2003

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