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Cheaper by the Dozen

Steve Martin, Cheaper by the Dozen (Movie - 2003)
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Cheaper by the Dozen

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''Cheaper by the Dozen'' is one of the 10 holiday movies we can't wait to see

WHY WE CAN'T WAIT After ''Parenthood,'' the ''Father of the Bride'' movies, and this year's ''Bringing Down the House,'' Steve Martin's got the exasperated dad thing down to a science. Improv queen Bonnie Hunt, who penned a draft of the screenplay, should make an equally frazzled-but-capable mom.

SOURCE MATERIAL The 1950 movie, starring Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy, which was based on the true story of efficiency expert Frank Gilbreth and his brood

PLOT POINTS Thomas Baker (Martin) copes with the demands of raising 12 kids, his new job as a big-city college football coach, his wife's travel schedule (she's an author on a book tour), and the crotch-sniffing family dog.

BURNING QUESTION Is 58-year-old Martin (soon to play Inspector Clouseau in a ''Pink Panther'' remake) still the graceful physical comedian of his ''Jerk'' days?

COME FOR Pin-up progeny Tom Welling (''Smallville''), Hilary Duff, and Piper Perabo (''Coyote Ugly''), as well as hanger-on Ashton Kutcher

STAY FOR The scene-stealing younger kids

Originally posted Nov 24, 2003

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