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Michael Caine may play ''Batman'''s Alfred. The actor is likely to take over Michael Gough's role as the intrepid butler

Michael Caine | THE BUTLER DID IT Caine may play Batman's Alfred
Image credit: Michael Caine: Fiona Hanson/Pool/AP
THE BUTLER DID IT Caine may play Batman's Alfred

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What's it all about, Alfie -- besides serving Batman's every need? Oscar-winning British actor Michael Caine is up for the role of Bruce Wayne's loyal butler, Alfred, in Christopher Nolan's reboot of the ''Batman'' franchise, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Caine, who last starred opposite Haley Joel Osment in ''Secondhand Lions,'' would join new Batman Christian Bale in the cast. Actor Michael Gough played Alfred in the last four Batman movies.

Caine has twice won Oscars for best supporting actor, first for 1986's ''Hannah and Her Sisters,'' and then for 1999's ''The Cider House Rules.'' ''Batman'' would be his first superhero movie -- unless you count playing Austin Powers' daddy in ''Austin Powers: Goldmember.''

Originally posted Nov 25, 2003

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