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When Luke Met Billy

Luke Perry takes the stage in ''Harry Met Sally.'' The ''90210'' alum will play the Billy Crystal role in the London production

Luke Perry | WHEN 'HARRY' MET SIDEBURNS Does Perry have the chops for Crystal's ''Harry Met Sally'' role?
Image credit: Luke Perry: Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press/NewsCom
WHEN 'HARRY' MET SIDEBURNS Does Perry have the chops for Crystal's ''Harry Met Sally'' role?

If you were recasting ''When Harry Met Sally…'', Luke Perry would probably not be your first choice, any more than a younger Billy Crystal would have been your first choice to play brooding teen rebel Dylan McKay on ''Beverly Hills 90210.'' Nonetheless, Perry is on his way to London's West End to play Crystal's character, New York neurotic Harry, in a stage version of the 1989 movie, the Associated Press reports. No word yet on who'll replicate Meg Ryan's pastrami-induced orgasm, but producers are reportedly seeking another Yank to play Sally.

Perry, 37, has some experience  taking on stage roles immortalized by others on film; two years ago, he stepped into Barry Bostwick's fishnets and high heels for a brief run as nerdy Brad Majors in the Broadway production of ''The Rocky Horror Show.'' He follows other TV-bred North American stars, including ''Friends''' Matthew Perry and ''90210'' pal Jason Priestley, to the London stage, where they've earned mixed reviews. But producer James Tod defends Perry's casting, telling AP: ''If you've got a great project and a great performer, then it doesn't really matter.''

Playwright Marcy Kahan's adaptation of Nora Ephron's screenplay begins preview performances at the Royal Haymarket on Feb. 10, with opening night set for Feb. 20. The show is expected to run 16 weeks.

Originally posted Dec 02, 2003

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