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Fountains of Wayne

Fountains of Wayne
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Fountains of Wayne rank among 2003's top breakouts

Stacy's mom isn't the only one who's got it goin' on. ''We would never have predicted having an actual hit song,'' says Adam Schlesinger, cofounder of long-standing, long-suffering critics' faves FoW. ''But when the ['Stacy's Mom'] video was finished, we said, 'How could they not want to show this?''' Sure enough, the clip, starring Rachel Hunter as the motherly object of lust, helped squeeze FoW onto Top 40 radio, right between Ashanti and Beyoncé. ''Maybe for our next video, [the band] can actually be right between Beyoncé and Ashanti,'' suggests Schlesinger. ''Or maybe just me.''

Originally posted Dec 03, 2003

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