Raising the Bar

You can't see this, but we're making double guns with our fingers: The Love Boat's Ted Lange -- a.k.a. nice-guy bartender Isaac -- is coming to General Hospital! Happy hour starts Dec. 10, when Lange begins a three-episode arc on the ABC soap as a judge in the murder trial of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Playing a tough-as-nails jurist may not get Lange out of parking tickets, but Isaac's legacy gets the 55-year-old actor free drinks from barkeeps raising a glass to their idol. ''I don't mind questions about The Love Boat. They're sweet,'' says the acting vet, who's recently appeared on UPN's Half & Half and The Hughleys. ''But one thing they can't do is get me on a cruise. I get offers all the time, but I'm not getting on those damn boats again.'' Not even if Charo were on board? -- Lynette Rice

''I didn't particularly want to make a 'Wild Things' movie, but


''I didn't particularly want to make a 'Wild Things' movie, but that's all that anybody wanted from me. And I thought, Okay, at least I can be in on it.''

Sendak's oldest theme, he says, ''is the tenaciousness of children to survive.'' The latest example is his concentration-camp fairy tale 'Brundibar.'

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