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Help! I live in a place where one 24-plex is the only game in town. We have to travel to Dallas or New Orleans to see virtually any independent film. Any suggestions? -- Paul Christie,

Shreveport, La. I feel your pain, along with the pain of every passionate moviegoer who is not being served. In the suburbs over Thanksgiving, I confronted the following at the local plex: The Cat in the Hat on five screens, The Missing on three, and there, on one screen, a token ''smaller'' film -- in this case, the not-very-small Love Actually. The brutal truth is that while the occasional celebrated indie, such as Bend It Like Beckham or Lost in Translation, ends up at a theater near you, these blockbuster palaces were designed to showcase light and noise and commerce, and that's mostly what plays there. In lieu of a solution (since, frankly, I don't have one), I'm inspired to invite readers to answer the following question: Which movie did you most want to see this year that never arrived? (I'll share the results in an upcoming Ask the Critic.)


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