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Baby, One More Time?

''Las Vegas'' courts Britney for quickie cameo. No word on whether she'll return to the scene of the crime

After this weekend's notorious 55-hour marriage to Jason Allan Alexander, is Britney Spears ready to return to Vegas for another quickie? That is, a cameo role as herself in an upcoming episode of NBC's new series ''Las Vegas.'' TV Guide Online reports that the network was courting her for a guest spot well before her marital misadventure with her hometown pal, which began Saturday morning in a Vegas chapel and ended two days later with an annulment in a Vegas courtroom. ''We're actively trying to get her to come on, because she loves the show,'' executive producer Gary Scott Thompson told TV Guide. ''But then her little weekend [wedding] happened, and we kind of went, 'I don't know if she's gonna want to do ''Vegas'' anymore.''' Maybe the producers can find someone else; we hear Michael Jackson likes to spend time in Vegas too.

Originally posted Jan 07, 2004

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