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Share your thoughts on ''The Surreal Life.'' How does this latest batch of D-listers stack up to last season?

Ron Jeremy, Erik Estrada, ... | THIS IS THE 'LIFE' The ''Surreal'' cast make beautiful music together... or not
Image credit: The Surreal Life: Justin Lubin/The WB
THIS IS THE 'LIFE' The ''Surreal'' cast make beautiful music together... or not

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Just when you thought nothing could top Corey Feldman's backyard wedding on last season's ''The Surreal Life,'' a brand-new cast comes along chockful of even more outrageous personalities. On the first episode tensions were already high as former televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, ''CHiPs'' alum Erik Estrada, rapper Vanilla Ice (a.k.a. Rob Van Winkle), ''Real World'' roomie Trishelle Canatella, porn star Ron Jeremy, and ''Baywatch'' babe Traci Bingham settled into their shared mansion. Former child star Gary Coleman is calling the shots at their workplace. It promises to be memorable, but do you consider this must-see TV or too over-the-top? Who's your favorite housemate? And is there anyone you'd like to see kicked to the curb?
Originally posted Jan 21, 2004

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