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Least Likely FCC Nightmare

Diane Keaton, Golden Globe Awards 2004
Image credit: Diane Keaton: Chris Haston/NBC

Diane Keaton had a memorable Golden Globes moment

Diane Keaton Last year, Bono's use of the F-word (he called U2's Globe win for Best Song ''f---ing brilliant'') got the producers in trouble with the Federal Communication Commission. This year, trouble came in the unexpected form of dithery Diane Keaton. The ''Something's Gotta Give'' acting winner, who described herself as a ''rediscovered eccentric,'' gave a rambling speech that included several thank-yous to writer/director Nancy Meyers and costar Jack Nicholson, so when she was cued to wrap it up, she was caught by surprise and dropped the s-word. Hey, FCC, cut Keaton some slack -- she's America's sweetheart again.
Originally posted Jan 25, 2004

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